An Artist in a Business World

Creative Director, Entrepreneur, Professor and junkfood lover

Creative Director @150UP, Cofounder @Viento

DAvide Colla is the founder of award winning digital branding agency, 150UP with headquarters in Milan, that boasts a tradition in design and innovation spanning over decades.

He has been the leading designer in projects for Alessi, Armani, Ferrari, Todd's, Salvatore Ferragamo, Prada and even the tech giant Amazon. His love for design, married with a passion for leading edge technologies, has allowed him to dream and create a future that caters to innovation and fosters to a world of constantly changing user experiences. Nurtured in design hubs all around Europe, apart from his work, he now also teaches aspiring designers, on how to become the future artists of the business world, as a Professor at the IED Istituto Europeo di Design. Through his work and teachings he has set his heart to creating memorable narratives for brands, based on solid foundations that can be shared with the world. DAvide Colla, as a multi-talented creative director and entrepreneur, has a clear vision of how a brand’s narrative should be built.His expertise spans across the entire spectrum of creative design, and branding from concept development to execution, helping his clients achieve their goals and dreams for their brand’s influence. DAvide is also the co-founder of Viento Padel, a manufacturing company that creates athletic products ranging from sports pedals to accessories and lifestyle clothing. He and his team are inspired by the passion that unites athletes and makes the game inclusive.


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Gold prize for Best Website of the Year, 2018 Indigo Design Awards, Tokyo

“Bringing home the first award in a prestigious international competition was an honor that inspired us to look beyond and start a new journey — made of bigger ideas, major inspirations, and outstanding works. Always raising the bar to create our own personal approach and spread it all over the globe.For a small firm like 150UP, it was amazing to be in the company of such a respected group of honorees. Winning the gold prize at 2018 Indigo Awards has proved to be an amazing opportunity to highlight our in-house talents while enlarging our network. It also brought us the chance to visit Tokyo and meet other creatives designers.”

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